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why you should volunteer.

Volunteering is an opportunity open to everybody, and gives you the chance to make a difference within your community and give yourself a sense of purpose.

There are so many places you can volunteer within Bath that would appreciate your help, one of these being Oasis Hub. Working alongside Oasis Hub really is an amazing opportunity, having volunteered here myself, I speak from experience.

Here's why you should consider volunteering:

rewarding feeling.

During my time volunteering at Oasis Hub, I came to appreciate the buzz you get and the realisation of using your time to help others and actually make a difference. Oasis Hub have an amazing impact on the community Bath, and to be a part of this was an invaluable experience.

Helping run local community projects was so rewarding and something everyone should look to get involved in. One of the projects, run by Oasis Hub, is 'Make Lunch', a local scheme of delivering food parcels to families who need them. As a result of this project, 47 families received fresh local produce; out of these families, 69 adults and 120 children were fed. This puts into perspective the fantastic impact the 36 volunteers had.

Even just giving up two hours of your evening or day can help change the lives of families within your community, as the brilliant work from Oasis Hub shows. This is just one of the local projects Oasis Hub lead, there are many more to get stuck into.

transferable skills.

As well as being extremely rewarding, volunteering is brilliant way to learn transferable skills and develop your professional identity. Within local projects, working together is imperative to ensure everything runs smoothly and the communication between volunteers is so important. These teamwork skills can be applied to future opportunities and careers.

Through meeting so many new people you will develop your network. During my time volunteering, I networked with other charities and organisations in Bath, which led me to discover 3SG, who offer volunteering and work placement positions.

Leadership skills can also be developed as new members need showing how the operations flow. Leading a team is an admirable skill within future employment.

These are just some of the reasons why you should volunteer, but I hope it has offered insight and given you inspiration. So go on, get yourself out there, and make a difference to your local community. Volunteer and contribute to the amazing work of local projects, whilst learning new skills too!

To volunteer in the Oasis Hub food pantry, email: pantry@oasisbath.org

For general information on Oasis Hub go to: https://oasisbath.org/

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