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why you should surround yourself with plants.

54%, prefer working from home for reasons of travel expense or childcare, but many others may find this new lifestyle a challenge to their work performance and limits productivity during the day.

The same can be said for students, especially those who have only seen the four walls of their bedrooms for many months now. Our mental health is already on its last tether and the reoccurrence of lockdowns, stress, loneliness, loss and frustration is undoubtedly having a detrimental effect on us all.

alleviating ‘lockdown blues’.

There are many ways to alleviate stress; exercise, cooking, reading, etc. but you may tire of these eventually when stuck indoors all day, every day. For those working or studying at home, this stress is elevated to new heights especially when you are glued to your sofa and laptop without any relief in sight. It is here that I recommend introducing nature into your home, with plants.

Studies have shown that filling your home/workspace with plants and greenery improves mental health. A 2014 study observed a 15% uptake in productivity and employee concentration from an addition of plants into the workspace.

Ever wondered why you feel better after a trek through the forest? A roam of your garden? Or a picnic in the fields? This is because plants and their soils release cytokines into the air, signalling your brain to pump serotonin – the enzyme that controls feelings of ease and pleasure. Through the calming properties that plants offer, we are fulfilled and at ease once again.

a Winter barrier.

This time of year is notorious for colds and flus, and with the pandemic sweeping through, our immune systems are at risk more than ever before. A study by the University of Agriculture in Norway discovered that there is a 30% decrease in coughs, colds, sore throats, etc. in people surrounded by plants. This is a result of plants being air humidifiers thereby reducing the amount of harmful substances there are in the air by 60%.

nurturing nature.

In caring for yourself, you in turn also care for our planet. Plants are, after all, ‘natures air-purifying powerhouses’.Owning plants is far from owning a pet or having a child to look after, but their growth is so important to our world and with the world disappearing before our eyes, they need us more than we need them!

The most popular trees to start with are leafy plants, Bird of Paradise, Snake Plants, Weepy Fig (Ficus), a Dragon Tree, Ferns, Devil’s Ivy, and Philodendron.

Surround yourself with plants and be ready for the day ahead.

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