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why you need a Linkedin.

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

I guess the recent news is that you’re not heading back to uni any time soon. Bummer. For some, that might be great news and for others, a bit like the ending of Game of Thrones, oh, remember that? But, in all seriousness, life isn’t on hold and neither is yours! No matter what year you’re in, a career is still high on the agenda, well, it should be!

Whether you’re looking for a job, internship, want to create your own business or go down the route of academia, you still need to make it happen. Now, it’s super easy to write it off and blame your university careers service or even the ‘rona’ but nevertheless, your career is still your responsibility.

I know what you’re going to say, "yeh but"… But sshhh! I’m here to help!

So, I know you’ve heard of Bumble and Hinge, what about LinkedIn? You know, that fancy schmancy platform for professionals? Not quite.

It’s for everybody, people like you (and me), no matter what your situation or career path you want to venture down, it should be a staple of your mental diet.


- figuring out your career for life?

- understanding what industries, companies and jobs actually do?

- getting inside knowledge and tips at your favourite companies?

- building a roadmap to achieve your career goals?

- landing yourself opportunities?

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? Well, duh! So, here’s my tips for you:

1️ create an account, it’s free and easy to do.

2️fill in your profile; photo, headline, summary, experience, and education.

3️add people that you already know. Think family, friends, your previous employers and colleagues, academics, even professional services.

4️follow pages that you’re interested in, whether that’s a company or an individual with content you really enjoy or find valuable.

5️engage! LinkedIn isn’t like Instagram where you can double tap and scroll on. Interact with people, write what you think or how things made you feel. This is where you get the real benefits.

6️think about what you want from your next opportunity. Such as location, the type/purpose of work, diversity of job, development, travel etc. Sure, we all know industries like marketing, finance and consulting, but dig deeper. What do YOU want to do?

7️find people who are doing what you’re interested in or if you’re still unsure, find people who have a lot of experience in broad areas like journalism, marketing, or finance. Until you know more about the specifics, focus on breadth, not depth.

8️connect (with a note)! Approach these people and tell them why you want to connect. Again, this is why step six is so important. It’ll reduce the number of times you get ghosted; people aren’t mind-readers, so let them know and ask for a bit of time to chat.

9️repeat. You’re not going to figure out everything in an afternoon, but it’s a start. Send that request, ask people for chats, you will be ignored and told no, but keep moving forward.

10 shift your mindset. Your career isn’t static, when you get that first job or start something out of uni, you’re not set or have ‘made it', you’ve just leveled up to a new game. Keep building relationships, keep being inquisitive and learning, and more importantly, self-reflect

If you’re still not convinced that you should be on LinkedIn, well, jump on Bumble or Hinge and let me know how that goes?

Anil Ram

Career Coach at Grad Coach

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