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what to book when lockdown ends.

With lockdown restrictions beginning to be slowly lifted, there’s hope again of some pre-COVID normality in our lives. One thing that will surely be at the top of many people’s list of things to do is a holiday.

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Whilst it may take longer for international travel to be allowed again, from the 12th of April, members of the same household were allowed to take a holiday within the UK in self-contained accommodation. With the end of lockdown in sight, many are preparing for some 'staycations', here are some things to keep in mind.

get in early.

After the announcement of Boris Johnson’s roadmap, which explains the lifting of lockdown restrictions, many UK holidaymakers have found it hard to book their breaks. The demand for holiday homes and Airbnb’s has surged, as many are keen to get away this summer. It’s best to start looking as early as possible to have a higher chance of finding something to book – especially if you are limited to when you can take time off for your holiday.

read the reviews.

No matter if you found the accommodation you are hoping to book through a trusted travel website, or through other means, previous reviews from guests are extremely important to look at before booking accommodation. The reviews will give you a general indication of what to expect if you choose to stay there, if an accommodation has many highly rated reviews then you know it would be a reliable choice to book. Even if there are a few lower rated reviews, don’t let that scare you away, as long as they have a generally high customer satisfaction rate, then you should be safe to book there. However, if an accommodation has many negative reviews, then it would be best to stay away.

choose carefully.

For many, a ‘staycation’ will be the first holiday they’ve had in a year. To have the best time possible on your UK getaway, make sure to pick an area that has lots to do and see. For example, if you would enjoy a more active holiday with lots of walking and cycling, then the Lake District would be the perfect place to go. Or, if you would prefer a holiday by the beach with sunbathing and surfing, then St Ives in Cornwall would be a good option. By doing some research about the area you want to stay in, you can ensure that everyone will have a good time.

do some extra digging.

If you think you have found the perfect accommodation for your ‘staycation', then do some extra research around the area and the property. It’s important not to believe everything you read on the listing; holiday property owners want to make their accommodation look as appealing as possible to maximise bookings. Although they will not directly lie to you, some details may be exaggerated and it’s up to you to check things through before making the booking.

Is the beach really just a ten-minute walk away? Is the supermarket actually in walking distance? Photos that look altered or inconsistent could also be misleading, a quick internet search and a look at Google Maps can confirm the accuracy of the listing and also highlight any potential issues.

Remember, when choosing accommodation think about the surrounding area. Staying next to a pub would be fun for the first few days, but the noise could get quite annoying after a while, so, make sure to do some extra digging!

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