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virtual interviews.

Most of people's lives have been spent virtually since the beginning of the pandemic. We've all had to adapt to poor Wi-Fi, short battery life, lagging screens and having to raise our virtual hand to speak.

A lot of interviews are now being conducted in a virtual manner and although the majority of interview etiquette stays the same, some things may be slightly different. Use the guide below to ace your interview and hang up happy.

inform the people in your home.

you don't want to run the risk of family, friends, roommates, or children walking in mid-interview and interrupting your flow. Make sure you're in a room that doesn't get a lot of foot traffic or somewhere with a lockable door.

make it eye-level.

raise your laptops height using books or boxes to create a more conversational angle.

tidy your space.

make sure your space is neat and there are no dirty pants or childhood cuddly toys on display. Show the interviewer that your personal space will reflect your workspace.

look at the camera.

It's tempting to stare at yourself to make sure you're looking your best or focusing on somewhere in the room, but you wouldn't be staring out the window at an in-person interview. Keep virtual eye contact by looking at the camera to show you're listening.

get the right lighting.

Use natural light if possible by sitting in front of or near a window. If you don't have any natural light use artificial light just make sure they don't point at your face, creating dramatic shadows. Point lights at the walls, ceiling, or windows.

check your microphone.

Ensure nothing is blocking the microphone and carry out an audio test prior to the interview. If you have an external microphone, use it, it's probably better quality than your built-in one.

don't stress your computer out.

Make sure any unnecessary applications and documents are closed before beginning the interview and don't complete any updates prior to the interview. Both will be taking up space on your computer and may cause it to run slower, lagging the call.

Most of all, be confident! Visit our other blog on how to ace an interview every single time for more precise interview tips.


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