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Valentine's gift ideas.

14th February is an important day for many loved-up couples. Not only does Valentine’s Day present a chance to show your love for your partner, but also gives you the excuse to shower them with heart-shaped chocolates and giant teddy bears.

While there is nothing wrong in embracing the commercialisation of this holiday (shops have truly taken this day under their wing, all in the hopes of increasing sales), making something yourself can have a more personal meaning. With lockdown keeping many inside, crafting your own cards and gifts can help protect you and your loved ones.

If you want to express your love with a handmade gift that can be created from the comfort of your own home, here are a few present inspirations.

unique cards.

Whether from your secret admirer or long-term partner, receiving a Valentine’s card is always a nice feeling. It's even more heartfelt when the card is made by hand. Using white or pink card to start, you can make it look how you like, using colourful pens, hand drawn pictures and even fabric to decorate. Filling the envelope with paper love hearts can also add that extra special touch. If you're not that creatively-inclined, there are loads of independent card sellers on Instagram and Etsy.

date night slips.

Even though we can't celebrate Valentine’s Day with nice meals out and trips to the movies, there is nothing stopping you from making future plans. Get a mason jar (or recycle a used sauce or jam jar), write down date night ideas on strips of paper, fold them up and place them inside. Then, when it comes to debating what to do, you can have a lucky dip. This can help make your future date nights exciting and meaningful when we re-enter normality!

sweet jars.

Filling a small jar with your partner’s favourite sweets and decorating the jar with a piece of ribbon and a handwritten note can turn a simple present idea into something heartfelt.

photo collage.

Put your favourite photos together into a collage for a keepsake or wall decoration. There are plenty of websites, such as Photobox or the FreePrints app, that can do this for you. Or, if you have the time, you can print out polaroids and put them into a frame yourself. To fit in with the Valentine’s theme, why not make your collage heart shaped?

indoor picnic.

If you live with your partner, or they're in your support bubble then personalise your day. Setting up a dedicated space on your living room or bedroom floor can really help to make it feel special. Fill your picnic with you and your partner’s favourite snacks, build a charcuterie board or get a takeaway! Alternatively, if you are going solo this Valentine’s, treat yourself to some delicious food and a good movie.

By Amber Hill

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