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the sunshine and your mental health.

Summertime. A word compels the mind to envisage luscious sunny weather, freshly cooled pints of Coke and the smell of swimming pools rich with chlorine.

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As summer approaches, those long-lost winter endorphins are greeted with holidays and warmth to release them from solitary confinement. School and work become less difficult as days become gradually longer. It results in free time actually feeling enjoyable, with pub gardens open and outdoor gatherings making a re-emergence.

In summer, the sun radiates new energy, living life to its entirety and bringing warmth. It comforts us after those unforgivingly bitter days cursed upon us throughout the wintertime. That jack frost sun does nothing for anyone, dreary and woesome, yet in summer, oh how that bright yellow ball of burning gas prospers. And honestly, with seasonal depression existing, people need that summer warmth to replenish them, to make them remember how incredible life can be. This isn’t just some wishy-washy opinion coming from me. In fact, it has been proven scientifically that the sun and all of its basking glory can genuinely improve a person’s mental wellbeing. Specifically referring to the summertime sun. It can unfreeze those wretched winter hearts and unlock the beating warmth within. The sun not only brightens the world in a literal sense, but it also brightens the souls within us all.

why you should enjoy the sun this summer.

  1. The sun increases your serotonin levels. Serotonin is known as the happy chemical within your body, so having a higher amount of serotonin can help to regulate anxiety and moods. Considering anxiety and depression are closely linked, it may also help to ease depressive feelings.

  2. More exposure to the sun can increase Vitamin D intake, which can result in healthier bones whilst also supporting the immune system.

  3. The sun brings warmth. Warmth and better weather conditions bring back outdoor sports, leisure activities and events. Such things can be a massive help in improving quality of life, boosting your mood and increasing levels of activity.

how to increase your sun exposure.

  1. Get outside more. Stating the obvious, I know. But it is so easy to just laze around inside. We get so used to it throughout winter it almost becomes habitual! Despite this, even on those lazy days, find time for a walk, join a sports club or just sit outside and read a book.

  2. Even whilst sat inside, open the blinds or curtains. Allow the light to shine through and the suns heat to radiate off the walls. Seeing the light of dawn can be an instant mood booster in summer when the birds are singing, and the plant life is exuberant and thriving.

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