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the inspiration, and creation, behind fully grown.

fully grown.'s ideology is formed off the back of the phrase: "I wish I knew that when I was younger."

I was raised in a lone-parent household where my fiercely ambitious mother worked long hours to ensure my sister and I had the best upbringing possible. As a teenager, I had to learn a multitude of life skills to be able to live normaly. I learnt to cook basic meals (with some experimenting here and there, sorry mum), I learnt how to seperate and wash my laundry, open bank accounts, take care of my savings, remove stains (late night cup of tea spills), the list goes on. What was annoying to me then, has proved astronomically helpful as I reached adulthood.

Attending University was eye-opening and I saw that what I had learnt, others had no clue. And this lack of knowledge wasn't ignorance or stupidity, but because they hadn't needed to know. But watching those around me (and myself at times) stress over simple life skills that could easily have been taught at a younger age, was stressful in itself.

There's this expectation for young adults to make difficult life choices while also dealing with physical and mental changes. The education system is set up to teach you what's on the curriculum. And, currently, what is on the curriculum is all the information you need to pass each lesson's exam. When you reach the verge of adulthood, you realise the amount of things, no matter how small, that you just didn't know.

Finance is always a popular stumbling block. "I wish I knew how to handle money better." Personal finance is an unavoidable part of life. It can make or break you. But for something so important, there is a definitive lack of education. Navigating your way through loans, bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, ISA's, etc shouldn't be something you learn on the go, or rely on your parents to sort out. If it was demonstrated and taught from a young age, then a basic understanding could be built on as we get older. Cooking is another life skill swept under the rug. For some, cooking classes were made available in school, but after the term ended, all would be forgotten.

fully grown. subverts that opinion. Young adults have enough on their plate to just figure life out. fully grown. is here to collate basic (and sometimes more advanced) life skills into one hub that is easily accessible 24/7. We will be writing various blog posts under the categories: Lifestyle (e.g. how to iron a shirt; cooking basics), Health & Wellbeing (e.g. personal hygiene; first aid basics), Travel & Leisure (e.g. how to use various modes of transport, how to look for flight deals), Finance (e.g. how interest works, setting up standing orders), Home & Vehicle (e.g. changing your car oil, what to look out for in a student home) and Career (e.g. how to create a professional CV, interview skills).

These blogs will be written by the general public as well as local and national businesses. We welcome any submissions or ideas and hope that fully grown makes adulthood that little bit easier.


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