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Indy Box founder Becky speaks to fully grown about her beauty box brand supporting local businesses.

I’m Becky! I’m 23 years old and I’m from Liverpool. At the beginning of November, I founded my very own brand, The Indy Box.

The Indy Box is a beauty subscription service, which features independent beauty brands. It’s extremely important to me, particularly since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, to pay more attention to supporting smaller, independent brands. Independent brands are people’s passion projects and the founders deserve so much more recognition for the amazing work that they do for their brands. Unlike major beauty brands, they don’t have rooms of highly paid creatives working on every launch. They pour their heart and soul into everything they do and deserve our support.

Since the pandemic, it has been found that over 32 million people have been making a conscious decision to support smaller businesses, and nearly two-thirds of the population have stuck to this and continued to shop small. I’ve found a way for you to discover new beauty brands and #shopsmall. Enter, The Indy Box.

The Indy Box is an initiative that delivers our subscribers 5 beauty products from indie beauty brands every month, right to their door. Every product featured has been tried, tested, and loved by us, and handpicked for you. I used to love my high-end beauty products and skincare, but since researching for The Indy Box, I’ve found so many hidden gems that I may never have had the great privilege of being introduced to before. That’s where we come in. We make it easier for you to discover your new favourite brands.

From cosmetics to skincare and everything in between, I’m so proud that I have created a platform that celebrates the work of the independent beauty industry. It’s exactly what the industry needed, and my aim is to make this a revolutionary initiative for both brands and customers alike.

The idea came to me whilst I was placed on furlough from my full-time job, which is a full-time retail manager. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t my life long dream. I had to drop out of university in 2017, due to my mental health. I found myself back in the job I had as a student, and I just kind of got stuck there. I started receiving beauty box subscriptions in December 2019, and during my stint on furlough, I began researching beauty boxes and discovered the vast selection that the internet has to offer, you seriously wouldn’t believe how many there are.

I found that so many beauty boxes featured the same brands, and more often than not, the same products. I grew really intrigued by how all of these beauty boxes made a profit whilst featuring huge named brands that everybody knows about. This is when my idea for the Indy Box grew and since then I’ve pretty much lived and breathed everything to do with setting up my own brand. My family and friends are definitely sick of how much I talk about it, but it’s my little baby, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m so happy I now have that sense of purpose that I lost for so long. I do everything myself! I’m my own PR officer, my own graphic designer, my own post-girl, and personal assistant! It can be a little overwhelming, but I am so passionate about what I’m doing that it doesn’t even feel like work.

Our November box was amazing! I’m so proud of it. The box itself was worth over £80 and we’ve already received so much positive recognition for the work we are doing. Our box retails at £25 a month for the subscription. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list on our website for exclusive discounts straight to your inbox.

Please be sure to check us out on Instagram (@theindybox) where you will receive updates about our brand, we’d love for you to get involved with our little community. You will also see sneak peeks for the upcoming months. businesses to buy their Christmas gifts. Our December box is also worth over £80 in product value and is available to order from the 5th of November. There will also be an exclusive discount inside for the receiver to take out their subscription when they fall in love with The Indy Box.

I’m so excited to have started this super special journey for us, for you, and for the brands that we continue to support and watch grow and receive the recognition that they truly deserve.

Becky Allison

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