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the benefits of eating healthy foods.

Who knew the natural foods that we eat could have so many health benefits? Let this be your official guide to the wonders of our fruit and veg and the extraordinary effects that they have on our body, health, and general functioning.


Its delicious taste aside, throughout history, garlic has been renowned for its medicinal and health benefits. It contains a range of nutrients and very little calories. It is known to be a ‘natural antibiotic’ as it combats sickness, especially the common cold! As well as giving your immune system the boost that it needs, it is said to:

  • reduce blood pressure

  • lower the risk of heart disease

  • contains antioxidants that minimise the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

lemon water.

It is surprising to learn the numerous benefits of drinking lemon water, especially on an empty stomach. Drinking it first thing in the morning is a great habit to pick up, ensuring you start your day the right way! However, frequent intake of lemon water can affect tooth enamel, it is best to drink it through a straw or wash your mouth out with water after drinking. Here are just a few of lemon water’s brilliant benefits:

  • boosts energy levels

  • improves skin health

  • promotes weight loss

  • rehydrates the entire body, including boosting brain functioning

  • relieves constipation


It is so important that fruit is an integral part of our lives, we should all be eating it every single day! The amount of health benefits that lies within fruit is astounding, and its sweet, delicious taste is a bonus. Below shows a range of fruits and why they should be a fundamental part of our diets:

  • Strawberries – fights aging

  • Bananas – boosts your energy levels

  • Cherries – promotes calmness and aids anxiety

  • Apples – boosts immune system and helps to protect against infections

  • Blueberries – strengthens your heart

  • Watermelons – encourages weight loss

  • Grapes – contains nutrients that are beneficial in combatting certain types of cancer

  • Oranges – protects skin and eye health


Due to their lack of sugars and being packed with vitamins and minerals, vegetables should be an even bigger part of our diets than fruit. Every meal that we eat should contain at least one set of our ‘greens’. Eating these healthy foods now will be extremely beneficial for your future self. They also have a range of benefits for everyday functioning. Here are just a few of the most beneficial vegetables and just some of their advantages:

  • Spinach – boosts energy and increases the health of blood

  • Sweet potatoes – great for people with diabetes as they regulate blood sugar

  • Broccoli – contains chemicals that inhibit the development of cancer within several organs

  • Carrots – encourages healthy eyesight and helps to prevent vision loss

  • Kale – promotes a healthy heart and lowers cholesterol

  • Ginger – a natural remedy for motion sickness, and is great for treating a cold

  • Asparagus – contains folate, which prevents disease and good to eat whilst pregnant

REMEMBER: It is recommended that we drink 2-3 litres of water a day, this amounts to around 8 glasses!

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