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staying safe at night.

It’s come to the time of year where the mornings are miserable and by 4pm it looks like midnight. For many, this means walking home from work, uni or a day shopping is done in the dark.

We want to keep everybody safe so these tips are applicable to all genders. According to The Mix, men are almost twice as likely to face a violent attack than women, but that doesn't mean it's any less dangerous for women.

stick together.

This one goes without saying. Sticking with your pals makes it harder for anyone who has the intention of attacking, to back off. Being alone makes you more vulnerable and an easier target. If you are going out alone, as we can’t always go out with our mates, make sure you’re in a place where there are people around.

someone following you?

So you’re taking a stroll and you feel like someone is following you. Firstly, always make sure you’re in a well-lit area and avoid any dark alleys or unfamiliar places. If you feel like a car is following you, simply turn and walk in the opposite direction. It’ll make it harder for someone to turn their car around than it will be for you to turn around.

just a gut feeling.

Sometimes, we just get the gut feeling that something is wrong. It could be our mind hyping us up, making us more panicked, or there could genuinely be something wrong. This would be a great time to call a friend or family member so you aren’t ‘alone’. If you can’t get hold of them, there are a lot of videos on TikTok that acts as if you’re on a video call, making the suspected attacker stay away.

followed in the car?

If you think you're being followed whilst driving, take a bunch of consecutive right or left turns. Try driving to a populated area like a shopping centre or a petrol station, this may deter the car. If they're still behind you then call the police. Never drive anywhere of importance to you e.g. your home or workplace.

use a trusted service.

If you're getting a lift somewhere at night, we always recommend ordering an Uber or trusted taxi service (there are plenty of student taxi services), so you know ahead of time, who the driver is and what their car looks like. You can also see their reviews which makes it that bit easier to trust your driver. Most apps enable you to share your location with friends for the whole journey.

Most universities run a 'Safe Taxi Scheme' scheme to help if you feel unsafe at night. You can call a number specific to your area and quote the above and a trusted driver will collect you free of charge, to drop you anywhere within a certain radius. You can pay for the service after the event usually at your University's Student Union. Visit your University website to find out more.

Whether you’re catching a cab or going for your run, always have your whits about you and stay safe.

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