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staying productive when you're feeling low.

On more occasions than one, I’ve found myself completely and whole-heartedly unmotivated. A lot of the time, it’s because I’m feeling low with a spell of the blues. Feeling grouchy, sleepy, sad, and unable to muster up the strength to do anything.

Sometimes it’s a little worse, and simple tasks like showering, getting changed, or getting out of bed can seem impossible. However, you can still be productive when you feel like this, and being productive doesn’t necessarily mean ticking things off your to-do list either. It could just be finding the strength to get up.

run a warm bath.

Sometimes, showering can seem like too much of a task to face. Personal hygiene is extremely important though, so try something similar like running a warm bath. If you’re feeling it, add in a colourful bath bomb or your favourite bath cream. A plain bath works well too. The warm water will soak your muscles and help to put you at ease.

Washing your face can make a world of difference too. A cold splash of water or a warm soak will refresh you just enough to stimulate your senses.

put on clean clothes.

As much of a chore getting dressed can seem, it’s still really important. If you feel like you can, put on a nice top and some comfy trousers. If you feel like you look good (or even just okay) it can really help to elevate your mood.

If it doesn’t seem like a day for nice clothes, get changed into a clean pair of pyjamas. Any will do, as long as they’re clean. Put your dirty clothes into your hamper. If you can tackle the laundry, do it. If you can’t, store it away tidily so you can do it when you’re in a better mindset.

get some fresh air.

One of the things that works best for me when I’m feeling low is getting some fresh air. Scientifically proven to improve moods, the outside world doesn’t have to seem like this scary thing that you can’t tackle. Take a walk around your home and take the time to breathe in new, clean, air. Standing outside your door and doing this works too. Pull up a chair with a hot drink and just breathe.

Remember to let air into your room too. A stuffy room will feel constricting and will not help you to be productive.

eat something.

Although this sounds awfully obvious, whether you feel low or wonderful, you still need to eat. I know first-hand how hard it can be to stomach anything when you feel as if the world is against you. However, not eating can develop into further bad habits and even eating disorders if not monitored. Plus, food fuels your body.

I always force myself to eat something light and healthy, but with a bit of a sweet touch, like yogurt with honey, or toast and jam. Keep it simple. You may feel awful after eating, but your body will be thanking you.

keep yourself grounded.

Remind yourself that you’re worth care, attention, and love. Remind yourself that you’re more than how you feel right now and that everything isn’t always doom and gloom. Teach yourself how to look for the little pleasures, and focus on them. Remember them.

Push yourself to get better, but understand that it can take time. Be gentle with yourself on this. You’re doing the best you can.

Aleksandra Semjonova

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