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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

There are many things that irritate us in our day-to-day lives., from being stuck in traffic to waiting at home for a delivery to finally arrive. But those scam calls and emails really elevate that everyday frustration. Many of them are very cleverly disguised, tricking you into giving up your private information at the click of their fingers, so here are some of our tips, to keep you, and your information, private and safe.

check that domain.

This is the first thing I look at when I’m unsure whether they’ve somehow ended up with my contact info. Let’s look at email addresses firstly. Scammers' go-to email will end in a generic address like “imascammer@gmail.com” or “WeAren’tReallyThatBusiness@hotmail.co.uk”. Most legitimate organisations won't use these email providers for business usage. Whereas more established and trustworthy business will have their business name ending their email address, like ours, hello@fully-grown.com.

Scammers pretending to work at a recognised corporation may also misspell or use numbers in the place of letters to fool you, e.g. customerservice@g00gel.com

you had me at “Dear Customer”.

Receiving an email that addresses you as “customer” and not your forename/surname, honey, that’s a scam. They don’t have the info that they’re hoping to get from you so they defer to this reference. Most times you’ll find that if a company needed to get in contact with you or require personal information, it is likely that you’ll find a contact number attached that you can call to speak personally with an advisor of said company; but only if they’ve addressed you by your name.

not worth the discount.

If there’s anything more tempting and easy to fall for is a discount code or money off your next holiday; we’ve all been there. We’ve received many emails from well-known holiday discount companies that have almost made me click to find out more, but that's where we go wrong. Legit discount opportunity emails will often give you a preview of what’s in store on their website and urge you to visit, ometimes giving limited time discount codes. Whereas the scam discounts, will urge you to click suspicious links throughout the email, again pulling you closer into securing the scam on their end.

deny them calls.

When it comes to calls, these are a little more tricky at identifying whether it’s a scam caller or not. The tone of their voice and vocabulary that they use when talking to you is an easy way to notice a scammer. They portray a sense of urgency and dependency on you and how without your information, they simply cannot go on. It is very rare that you will get a call from your bank either so if it happens, hang up and call the official number on the website to double-check. Do not give away any personal information over the phone if they are the ones to call you.

no Cold Callers today.

So you’ve picked up the call, what now? The caller, if a scammer, will quickly divert the conversation to needing your personal information, or come out with a statement of an owing sum that you urgently need to pay. Like the previous point states, the urgency and dependency is a major thing to listen out for. One way they get the info out of people so quickly is stating that there’s some trouble with their bank card, or that you are owed money from that time you did that thing. Sounds suspicious right? It’s because it is, by them creating a scenario that nobody would ever want to be in, it panics the “customer” into instantly passing over private information, so don’t do that. Simply hang up, and call the official company they are trying to impersonate i.e. your bank, and talk to an actual representative to see if it’s true.

If you are constantly receiving nuisance calls, then register yourselves with the Telephone Preference Service, where you will hopefully see a decrease in the amount of unknown and scam callers blowing up your phone.

Now you know all of our top tops on scam calls and emails and how to spot one when one comes creeping up on you next. “Scam calls and emails? Never heard of her” is what I want to hear from you when the DM’s are flooded with them next time. Good luck, stay safe and have your whit’s about you.

Now you know all of our top tops on scam calls and emails and how to spot one when one comes creeping up on you next.

“Scam calls and emails? Never heard of her."


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