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savvy spending.

‘My new year’s resolution is to spend less money this year.’ Each and every one of us have probably made a similar vow, but lockdown 3.0 will test our resilience when it comes to online shopping. After all, is it natural to want to treat yourself, especially when you’re stuck at home with nothing else to do but spend money. Here are some things that you can do to quell the urge to online shop, and how to save if you must.

have a digital detox.

It is often the ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram which drag scrollers in and convinces them to spend their hard-earned cash. We’ve all seen them before; brands which promise high-quality clothing at record prices. Deals like that are, we can all agree, sometimes too tempting to pass up.

Coupled with this are the social media influencers who dominate our feeds, promoting products which range from beauty lines, clothes, and gadgets of all shapes and sizes. However, taking some time away from your mobile phone will make sure that you aren’t tempted to buy something that you really don’t need.

think before you buy.

Ask yourself: do I really need a new pair of expensive shoes, when I already have a thousand pairs heaped at the bottom of the porch cupboard? Not only does this help you to avoid spending yet more money, but also encourages you to use items that you already own, which may have been long forgotten about.


The key to becoming a successful adult is budgeting. If you plan out your monthly expenses, such as food shopping and bills, you may even have enough left over to treat yourself at the end of the month. It is important to reward yourself now and again, as long as you are being smart about where you’re spending your pennies. And if lockdown has taught us anything, it is to be more money-savvy.

shop the sales.

If the urge to treat yourself does become overwhelming, then my piece of advice would be to shop the sales. Countless companies have been selling their stock at reduced prices to attract the thousands that, understandably, have adopted a ‘treat yourself’ mentality because of the trials and tribulations of national lockdown. Using coupons and discount codes (especially if you’re a student) can help you to save money, while also satisfying your need to shop.

Lockdown has turned many of us into avid internet shoppers, but as long as you are sensible about it, there is nothing wrong in that. We deserve it, after all.

Amber Hill

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