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readjusting to life after lockdown.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made life very different over the past year, however, as more people get vaccinated in the UK, a life with no more restrictions or lockdowns looks increasingly possible.

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Although businesses will reopen and we will be allowed to mix with each other freely, life after the virus won’t be the same as the pre-COVID normality we were used to.

There may be hesitancy to fully integrate with other people at first and there will still be an emphasis on making sure we properly sanitise. It’s normal to feel anxious or worried at the idea of life moving to a new normal; we’ve spent large amounts of time away from friends, family and being out in public or large crowds. Here are some ways to help you readjust to life after lockdown.


Many have found comfort in their daily lockdown routine, so with change coming to disrupt that, uncertainty is the natural response. Partaking in self-care activities is one of the best ways to overcome stress and anxiety. Go for walks or do something that will benefit you physically. This is a great way to add something positive to your day and will generate the production of endorphins. You could also listen to music, read a book or listen to a podcast. It’s important to do something you enjoy to adapt to a new routine.

take your time.

The excitement of seeing friends and actually going places can be mixed with anxiety over the re-spreading of the virus. It’s important to not feel pressured by others to go out if you’re not ready to, there’s no harm in taking your time to get to the point where you’re confident enough. Celebrate the small wins and keep note of every time you achieve something that may be out your comfort zone.

express your feelings.

Before the pandemic, one in five reported being often or always lonely. Now, 41% of UK adults feel lonelier since lockdown began. For some, being able to go back into society and mix with others will be enough to overcome that feeling of loneliness, but others may need to take some extra steps to tackle this feeling. Talking to people is a great way to relive old memories, try to reach out to people you may not have spoken to in a while to re-build those connections. Talking to someone about your feelings can be a difficult conversation to have but talking about it is the first step to feeling better, even if the person you’re speaking to doesn’t have the answer, you’ll still feel listened to.

opportunity for change.

It’s likely that you’ve picked up a new routine and developed new habits that will feel strange to give up or adapt once restrictions begin to be lifted, however, this can be an opportunity to bring some of those positive habits with you into your new post-COVID life. Taking something positive from your lockdown life into your new life will help make the transition between the two easier and give you some familiarity.

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