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overcoming university nerves.

Starting university, an exciting but also daunting time in your life. For some, they can’t wait to leave home and seize the opportunity of independence. For others, it’s a nerve-wracking experience they are putting off. Nerves are normal in any situation, especially if we’re out of our comfort zone. They can be pretty darn annoying, but we can overcome them.

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biting the bullet.

It is important to remember you are not alone. Everyone is in the same boat. You are all likely leaving home for the first time to live with a bunch of people you’ve never actually met. This can be daunting for anyone, no matter how confident of a person you are. When your family departs, anxiety might overcome you as everything feels real. However, you need to seize this opportunity to get to know everyone and make new friends. Remember, they are all feeling the same way. Sparking a conversation and breaking that awkward silence is key to easing everyone’s nerves. Try biting the bullet and making the first move. Before you know it, everyone will be more relaxed and chatting away.


Your first week of university is all about making new friends and finding your crowd. You may not click as well as you would have liked with your housemates, but there’s always plenty of societies to join and people on your course to get to know. Part of the university experience is finding friends for life. So, enjoy the process of finding your crowd and getting to know each individual person. Everyone is different, and not everyone clicks. This is what makes the world go round and will be a massive part of your university journey and making new friends.

embracing university life.

As a university student myself, I can vouch for this. Not every person you meet at university will be a lifelong friend, and first day nerves are normal! But if you remember you are all in it together and that you’ll find your crowd eventually, you can combat those nerves. If you are worried about missing family, just remember they’re only a Facetime or message away. They may be far, but they’ll always be there to talk to and support you along the way. Just think of all the amazing memories you’ll make and the amazing people you’ll meet. University is going to open so many opportunities for you. Don’t let your nerves get in the way of such a fantastic experience that you’ll remember for life.

So, when overcoming your university nerves, you need to embrace the experience and the feelings along the way. Anyone you speak to about their university years will say they felt nervous many times throughout and will undoubtedly have a few stories to tell. This is what makes the experience so valuable.

The first taste of independence when you begin university maybe a little sour. Still, once you adapt, it’ll soon taste sweet. Embrace the opportunity of university, don’t let your nerves put you off.

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