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men have skin too.

Looking after your skin has always been important, and as a guy in his early-20s, I wish I knew it sooner. From keeping your skin healthy and blemish-free to reducing wrinkles later in life, there are loads of advantages which come from having a regular skincare routine.

I know that spending ages in front of a mirror every day isn’t really what I want to be doing, so here’s an easy 5 and a half step (depending on whether you have a beard or not) routine which shouldn’t take longer than 2 minutes. 

1. Get your face wet.

2. Grab your favourite face wash and lather up.

3. Rinse off.

4. Pat your face dry.

5. Grab your favourite moisturiser and massage in.

5 1/2. Grab some beard oil and massage 2/3 drops into your fur.

Do this twice a day and your skin will love you. I recommend doing this after you brush your teeth in the morning and the evening to start building a routine that will eventually become a habit.

In terms of face washes and moisturisers, I recommend the brands Bull Dog and Rock Face. Bull Dog has quite an extensive range of male-oriented skincare, also available to buy on Asos, and Rock Face has the best smelling moisturiser I’ve ever used. 

One final tip is to be wary of face scrubs/exfoliators. Using them regularly can create micro-tears in your skin, which lead to ageing and wrinkles later in life. If you want to implement them into your routine then make sure to limit your usage to 1-2x a week and keep an eye on your skin for breakouts.

Your skin will thank you. 

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