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how to wake up earlier.

This isn't another snooty listicle detailing how you could be 89% more productive if you woke up at 4am. I'm a realist, and I know our readers a bit better than that. Instead, you can interpret this piece to suit your lifestyle and set your own goals. If you usually get out of bed at 2pm, then aim for 10am starts. Don't force an unattainable habit.

bedroom full of plants

let in the light.

My bedroom doesn't have curtains. This is partly because my furnished flat came with these hideous red floral ones that don't match any of my stuff, but also because I get out of bed if my room is flooded with light. This isn't just personal preference; science tells us that light plays a central role in regulating our body clocks. I don't recommend taking down your curtains completely, but if you're comfortable with it then leave them open and see if it affects your instinct to get out of bed.

drink water before bed.

You should be drinking water throughout the day in general but take a few big gulps before you sleep. When you wake up, you're going to need to release it all and a short trip to the bathroom forces you out of bed. An unconventional method but it works for me. Once I've turned on the blinding light and my eyes have adjusted, I feel more awake. Don't succumb to the temptation to get back into bed. I grab my phone and go straight to the kitchen to make a coffee, starting my morning routine.

This method may not work for everyone and you may find drinking water before bed causes you to wake in the middle of the night instead, so only try this if you've got a bladder of steel.

plan your day.

This may sound pathetic, but I always plan my breakfasts the evening before so that I can get excited about them. For example, if I've decided on blueberry pancakes the next day (my favourite), I'm more inclined to jump out of bed when my alarm goes off in the morning because I want to eat the pancakes. If breakfast food doesn't get you excited, try scheduling in something you do love. You can allow yourself to play your favourite game in the morning for an hour and then put a ban on it for the rest of the day. If you have a new outfit you want to wear, lay it out before you sleep so when you wake up, you're excited to wear it.

the bedroom is for sleeping.

If you're in a situation where you can work at a desk that's not in your bedroom then great, this may work for you. Separate your spaces for different functions. Your bedroom is now purely for sleeping and a part of your morning and evening routine. Use it for getting out of/into bed and getting dressed/undressed, then move to different rooms for the rest of the day. My bedroom is practically never entered throughout the day so that when I do start my night routine, I automatically feel tired just by looking at the bed. Pavlov's dog you and your bed.

start from the basics.

It wouldn't be a "how to wake up early" article without including the tips echoed throughout every. single. one. If none of the above has worked then try moving your alarm further from your bed or in a different room. This will cause you to actively leave your bed to turn it off, with the small hope that you won't return to bed.

Don't use electronics an hour before bed. Something I've never been able to do and probably won't at all as dog TikToks currently send me to sleep, but there's science backing it up so give it a go.

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