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how to spend time alone.

The idea of spending time alone can often seem daunting. From a young age we have been told by society that being alone is a negative thing. As children we were sent to our rooms alone as a form of punishment, we were always taught to be social, and now we have grown up to feel bad for the person eating alone at the restaurant.

However, engaging in quality alone time doesn’t have to be the big scary, negative thing that our mind makes it out to be. Once we are able to appreciate and enjoy spending time with ourselves, that small amount of time can be hugely beneficial to our overall wellbeing. The trick is learning to enjoy it. This is our guide to enjoying spending time alone:

ease into it.

If you rarely spend time by yourself, and the thought of spending a day in your own company makes you instantly uncomfortable, simply start small. Start by spending a couple of hours or an evening by yourself, then gradually build yourself up to a day and before you know it you’ll be booking a weekend away for one. Learning to enjoy time alone is a process so don’t give up if you find yourself calling someone after an hour, just keep trying.

plan your time.

When you find yourself with a free day and only yourself for company, plan a nice day. This will keep you busy and allow you to get comfortable doing things solo. For example, you can start the day by reading a chapter of a book you’ve been meaning to read, then after lunch schedule a walk to your local coffee shop. When you’re back, pick a film you’d like to watch in the evening. Spending time alone doesn’t mean you have to sit and stare at a wall, do the things you love to do with others, with yourself.

take yourself on a date.

Spending time alone can allow you to get to know yourself better and reconnect with who you are and what you like. Taking yourself on a date is the perfect way to achieve these goals. If eating alone at a restaurant seem terrifying, then gradually build up to it. Start by taking yourself to the park and sitting on a bench for a while, then a coffee shop and soon, you’ll be booking a table for one and actually looking forward to it.

view alone time as the ability to be your true self.

When faced with an evening alone, look at this time as an opportunity for you to do anything you want. This is something to be excited about, you can spend hours watching that guilty pleasure show you love , or cook dinner in your underwear with no judgement from anyone else. ‘Me’ time is about letting yourself live as your truest self, and if you ask me, I’d take an evening of openly crying at romcoms in my slippers over a last-minute plan any day.

remember this is good for you.

If you find yourself starting to feel lonely or like you’re missing out, then remind yourself that this is good for you. Time alone can give you a much greater understanding of what you want in life, so you’re more likely to make better choices for yourself and your future. Once you learn to love alone time you’ll never go back, trust the process and you’ll get there.

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