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how to save money when online shopping.

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Most of us are doing our shopping online these days, for obvious reasons. An advantage to online shopping is that there are several tips and tricks that can land you a discount and buy for less than the selling price. Whether it’s clothes, tech or food that you’re buying online, here are some ways that should save you money every time you click ‘buy’.

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Honey is a free browser extension that automatically finds and applies discount codes at checkout with a single click. They have discount codes for a wide range of brands including, Asos, Tesco and Just Eat. Even if it’s only a couple of pounds that you save with Honey at a time, it soon adds up and is a vital tool to have when shopping online.

If that hasn’t persuaded you that Honey is worth downloading, then they also have Honey Gold. Every time you use a Honey discount code, you earn Honey Gold, you can save this up to redeem gift cards for your favourite brands including, Spotify, Amazon and Apple. This means you earn rewards just for shopping online.


You may have heard of Pouch before from their appearance on BBC’s Dragons’ Den. Similar to Honey, it’s a free browser extension that applies the best available coupon codes to your basket. A difference between the two browser extensions is that Pouch has exclusive deals with retailers and can offer you unique deals that you can’t find anywhere else. Pouch has coupon codes available for over three thousand websites including, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Debenhams. With Pouch, you will never overpay when shopping online.

Student Beans and Unidays.

If you are a student then you are eligible for student discount websites, including Student Beans and Unidays. Both free to join, they offer exclusive and amazing deals to students for products and services from everything to beauty, entertainment and sports. These sites will be essential to you during your time in education and can save you a lot of money.

strike a deal on live chat.

When visiting a website, don’t automatically close the live chat box that appears somewhere on the bottom of your screen. It is not a well-known fact, but chat support can offer special coupon codes that are not widely available. So, be polite and strike up a conversation with the sales reps about an item you’re interested in. Ask if they have any discounts that could be available to you, some haggling may be needed but this is a great way to score a discount not available on sites such as Honey and Unidays.

abandon that shopping basket.

When shopping online, leave the items in your basket for a day or two. Firstly, it means you didn’t make an impulse purchase and can have time to think about if you really want to spend money on these items. Secondly, most retailers hate unclosed sales and will try to persuade you to come back and go to checkout. They will try emailing you to remind you of your basket, and if that doesn’t work, brands will often send you discount codes so you can get the same items at a cheaper price.

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