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how to restart a car battery.

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

I still remember the first time my car battery died. After getting out of my car I left my sidelights on – an easy mistake to make! I didn’t know how to restart my car, but to my luck, a kind man helped me push my car enough to get it going again! Had he not been there, I wouldn’t have known what to do.

Here’s a quick guide for you, just in case you ever find yourself with a dead car battery.

starting a car with jump leads.

Have jump leads in the back of your car? Good, starting your car will be easy. Don’t have them? I would really recommend getting them! They can be bought from hardware stores like Halfords, Euro Car Parts or Amazon.

You will need – A pair of quality jump leads, and a second vehicle with a full battery. (Do not use an electric or hybrid vehicle as this will cause damage).

1. Switch off all electric devices in your car. Radio, lights, etc. if possible. If anything is plugged into the cigarette lighter, such as a dashcam, unplug this too.

2. Pull up the second vehicle to the car with no battery. You can either pull them side to side or bumper to bumper. Ensure they’re as close as possible without damage.

3. Turn off the second vehicle. Lift the bonnets of both vehicles.

9. If the dead car does not start after 3 attempts, stop. There may be something more seriously wrong with your car. Seek help from a garage or the RAC. on the battery.

5. Then repeat on the second vehicle. Attach the other end of the red jump lead to the + symbol on the full battery. DO NOT attach to the negative (–) symbol. This will do irreversible damage!

6. Attach one of the ends of the black jump leads to the negative symbol on the full-battery vehicle.

7. Attach the other end of the black jump lead to the engine block or frame. This should be a metal part of the dead car’s engine.

8. Step away from the engine. Then start the full-battery vehicle. Starting the car should jump-start the second vehicle. If it starts, let both vehicles run for a minimum of 5 minutes.

9. If the dead car does not start after 3 attempts, stop. There may be something more seriously wrong with your car. Seek help from a garage or your breakdown cover.

Now you need to remove the jump leads. Do not get excited at your car restarting, rip the jump leads off with your engine still on and drive off! Here’s how to remove them safely.

1. Switch off both engines.

2. Disconnect the black jump leads first, starting with the dead battery vehicle then the full battery vehicle.

3. Then disconnect the red lead from the full battery vehicle, after you can disconnect the red lead from the dead battery vehicle.

You can then restart both cars. The battery on the dead battery vehicle will need to be recharged properly. To do this, you need to drive your car for a minimum of 30 minutes. You may also need to charge your car battery with a battery charger. You can usually borrow these from garages, or you can purchase one yourself for around £40. They’re fairly common to own, so ask around!

And now you’re done! You now know how to restart your car. But if you take any advice from this article, don’t leave your car lights on!

(If you're more of a visual learner, use the guide below.)


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