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how to live with less single-use packaging.

Every day I am becoming more aware of supermarket packaging, things like a single garlic bulb wrapped in plastic netting continue to frustrate me. It is possible to keep your cupboards stocked without a bin full of plastic packaging at the end of the week. Here are three quick tips on how anyone can reduce their plastic footprint.

reusable containers.

Consider your food containers a prized possession rather than a throwaway product, just in your life till the second you have consumed its contents. Jars for pasta, cotton bags for fruit, and a metal water bottle are a few examples of investments you can make to help reduce your single-use plastic. Shops are increasingly accommodating for shoppers using refillable containers by allowing you to serve yourself and charging by weight. A relatively new addition to Bath’s sustainable shops is Scoop near Oldfield Park station where I take my bottles and jars to top up on all manner of dried goods including grains, beans, spices, teas, fruits, and a range of delicious treats, my favourite of which is dark chocolate covered brazil nuts.

buy raw.

The majority of packaging comes from processed food products found on supermarket shelves. By buying your produce from local greengrocers, butchers and markets it is possible to fill your basket with locally sourced foodstuffs stored and transported without the need for single-use plastic. There are many excellent stores in and around the city of Bath, I am a regular at Chelsea Road Green Grocers just off Upper Bristol Road and Stokes Green Grocers on Moorland Road. These independent stores are full of great produce and friendly staff, check them out!

meal prep.

Much single-use packaging waste is due to hungry customers buying meals on the go. After wolfing down a meal deal you find yourself faced with various forms of packaging from plastic cutlery to empty soy sauce packets. By planning ahead and taking pre-prepared food with you on your road trip or day out you can save money and cut down your single plastic use.

The Sustainable Student.

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