• Jessica Doherty

how to feel great in a swimsuit.

Wearing a swimsuit should be easy right? All you need to do is pull one on. But with a huge stigma around body image on social media and within society, it can be hard for us to enjoy wearing one, or even take the leap of doing so. Many people suffer with self-esteem issues especially when it comes to the idea of wearing a swimsuit and showing off a little more than we usually do.

But we cannot let this stigma around body image take over, we must take charge.

try not to compare yourself.

Everybody is different. Nobody’s body looks the same, and this is something we need to celebrate. You shouldn’t be chasing an ideal body image presented on social media, that has likely been endlessly edited and photoshopped. Instead of comparing yourself to social media images, focus on yourself and embrace your differences. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Start to give yourself that self-love you deserve and celebrate your body.

list 5 things you like about yourself.

Before you leave, look in the mirror and list five things you like about your appearance. This uplifting exercise will build your confidence before you step out the door and rock that swimsuit. Look for your perfections not your imperfections. It doesn’t have to be five – it can be many more – whatever you’re comfortable with, you just need to recognise that you are beautiful and deserve to leave feeling confident and enjoy wearing your swimsuit.

look into swimsuit cover ups.

If you are dying to go in that pool or lap up that sun on the beach, but are really struggling with insecurities about wearing a swimsuit, look into swimsuit cover ups! This is a solution which can ease you into wearing a swimsuit and feeling good about it. A sarong wrap is a great cover up for your legs and thighs and a little sundress offers a cover up for your whole body but still allows your legs to get the sun. These cover ups offer a way of easing yourself into showing off your body and feeling more confident.

add accessories.

It is highly unlikely anyone pays attention to the flaws you so eagerly want to hide, but adding a few accessories is a great way to ensure that the attention isn’t solely on your swimsuit. You can choose some cute sunglasses, some glitzy shoes or a floppy sunhat to add a bit of life to your swimsuit and make yourself more confident!

practice wearing your swimsuit.

If you feel anxious about wearing a swimsuit in public then you could practice wearing it around the house. This will allow yourself to become comfortable wearing it and get yourself uses to exposing parts of your body that you may normally hide. You could even throw a beach themed party and surround yourself with people you know well and feel comfortable around, this is a brilliant way to build your confidence and ease yourself into wearing a swimsuit and feeling comfortable.

Be confident in yourself despite your anxieties, do not compare yourself to others and absolutely flaunt that swimsuit. This may be easier said than done but it can be achieved with perseverance.

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