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how I got a job as a nanny (twice).

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

I've found nannying to be one of the easiest forms of income, as well as one that forces me to earn basic life skills that I otherwise wouldn't have bothered with.

how I got the job.

Desperate for some extra income in my gap year, and a lack of working experience under my belt, I looked up babysitting jobs in my area. I stumbled upon Childcare.co.uk, a hub for babysitters, childminders, nanny's, and people looking for them. You can search profiles by area and what they're looking for e.g. weekends, weekdays, evenings, school pick-up etc.

I wrote a short description about myself which included my age, babysitting/childcare experience, my availability, where I'm based. I also included a recent image to personalise the profile.

There is an option on the website to set your own fees which I had as £8.50/hour but this is dependent on age and experience.

I then messaged any family that suited my availability and experience. I was working part-time elsewhere so that cancelled out some families who required full-time help, I was also not comfortable working with newborns due to a lack of experience. I was eventually messaged by a woman who needed ad-hoc help with her two children, aged 3 & 6. She was a B&B owner so would also need help with the running of her business. Always up for a challenge, I agreed to an interview with her. I ended up working there for a year.

my duties.

Childcare Duties

- Making the kids breakfast

- Teaching the kids how to ride a bike

- Reading with the kids

- Preparing dinner

- Bathing the kids and getting them ready for bed

- Teaching the kids to swim

Household Duties

- Ironing

- Clearing up the kitchen (stacking the dishwasher, wiping the sides and the table)

- Dusting and polishing

- Weekly food shop

- Laundry (washing, folding and putting away)

- Tidying up after the kids

B&B Duties

- Occasionally cooking breakfast for up to 12 guests

- Greeting guests and showing them to their room

- Taking payment

- Handling bookings online

- Assisting the laundry and cleaning staff with their duties

I got my second nannying job via the same website, when I started University, for a family with two children aged 13 & 14. I still work for them now, 2 x days a week.

my duties.

- Laundry

- Ironing

- Making the beds

- Cooking dinner and extra snacks e.g. sausage rolls, quiche, granola

- Picking (and sometimes taking) the kids up from school

- Taking the kids to their relevant clubs and activities

- Helping the kids with homework

- Weekly food shop

- Put out and take in the bins

Nannying, to me, was the best job I could've got at the time. If you know the basics of household maintenance and are good with kids, then it's a walk in the park and most of the time, a lot of fun. My current nannying job has also led me to other work opportunities within different fields that will further benefit me after graduation.

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