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hobbies to take up this summer.

Since I was a child, I couldn’t wait for summer to arrive. However, as soon as June came around, I dedicated my time to sleeping and lazing around. Looking back as an adult, I wish I had used that free time to try something different and take on a new hobby; but it’s never too late.

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If you want some inspiration on how to utilise your free time this summer, here are some fun hobbies to take up.


Try to express your thoughts and feelings on a canvas. Drawing can be very relaxing and it could help you grow creatively and mentally.

If painting from scratch sounds intimidating, start with a paint by numbers. You’ll get used to using a brush and paints and you’ll create something beautiful. Affordable ones can be found on Amazon.

learn a new language.

Languages can take a while to learn but if you take it slowly and have a positive attitude, you could definitely progress much faster than expected.

Use an app or established website, such as Duolingo to get started and prompt your learning.


Most people have two or more books sitting in their bookshelf waiting to be read. Why not give them a go? Even if you read a few pages per day, it could help reduce stress levels and at the same time, improve your memory.

Take our quiz to see what book you should read this summer.


Nowadays, it is very easy to create your own website for free. What if you created a blog to share your thoughts, ideas and feelings on anything that you are interested in? Perhaps write your book reviews or publish your art? Blog about anything you want to share with the world!

If blogging sounds great to you but you don’t want to set up on your own, try blogging for small businesses, such as us! We’re always looking at publishing other people’s great work - contact us for more information.

learn how to play an instrument.

This might need a small budget but there are many options if you are interested in learning a new instrument. Whether it’s the guitar, ukulele, kalimba or the flute, playing a musical instrument can increase your creativity and help you develop your patience.

There are so many great beginner YouTube videos to help you learn from scratch, or contact a music student who will charge less than a qualified teacher.

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go for picnics.

Summer is the best time for picnics! Make yourself some snacks and head to the park to enjoy the sun and nature. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and water!

Check out our recipes for some picnic inspiration.


Whether you are in the park or at home, practicing meditation can be a great way to unwind and clear your head from any daily worries. Give yourself a few minutes to take deep breaths and relax. If you have never meditated before, you could try meditating with the help of podcasts, youtube videos or meditation apps.

The Headspace app is a great medium to begin meditating and free!


There is nothing better than moving your body to the rhythm of your favourite song. Put on your favourite music and start dancing! If you want to take it to the next level, you could create your own choreography or find one to follow online. Dancing is a great way to increase your dopamine levels, feel attuned with your body and at the same time burn some calories.

There are just some suggestions to inspire you to find your own hobbies. Don’t forget that hobbies are about relaxing and having fun. No matter what you do, make it your own!

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