• Natasha Hanks

have a guilt-free (but healthy) Christmas.

The dreaded ‘getting fat over Christmas’ time is upon us!

Normally, what I see is people slipping out of their normal fitness and diet routines around this time of year, and having the ‘f**k it, it's Christmas’ mentality. Which is certainly agreeable, within reason.

The main issue here is that people don't just overeat, and indulge for 2-3 days in December. Instead, for a whole month, people completely ignore their previous habits.

It is achievable to start a fitness program, or carry on with the one you may already have, on the run-up to Christmas and still see results!

Say in the month of December, we have a few meals out (e.g. Christmas parties/catch-ups with friends), probably a few cheeky Greggs sausage rolls on a couple of lunchtimes.

Then we have Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year's Eve...

If you make sensible decisions for the rest of the month, choose healthy options, and still attend the gym (or your chosen exercise). You will PROGRESS!

Yes, you will probably eat more calories than normal over the festive period. And the key here is to remember, that that is totally fine to do. Take the time over Christmas to eat everything in sight, and indulge! It is the most wonderful time of the year, right?

If you make healthy choices throughout December and allow yourself those few off-plan meals and treats, you will not wake up feeling guilty on January 1st. And if 'being healthier' is one of your resolutions then you're already part the way there!

Change how you think. When I did this, it was game-changing. I would have an off-plan meal at lunchtime, and then for the rest of the day, I would think “oh well, I've already gone off-plan today’, turning into a female form of the Cookie Monster.

What you need to do is have that off-plan meal, and after it, think, ‘yeah cool, I have allowed myself that, but now… back on track’.

Christmas is only 1 day out of an entire 365.

Natasha Hanks

Natasha is a Level 2 Fitness Coach & Level 3 Personal Trainer at NEoneFitness. You can contact her via Instagram @tashhankspt or visit her website: www.NEoneFitness.co.uk

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