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getting away from the crowds.

As our busy world starts to reopen, read our recommendations for getting away from the crowds this summer.

a picnic in the park.

Parks are a wonderful place to be in the summertime, especially if you live in a city. Here are some top tips for packing yourself a scrumptious lunch that you can enjoy in your local park.

  • Keep your picnic simple but interesting. If you pack and prepare well enough, it’s super easy to take a lunch that is fully of yummy goodness, as well as light weight and easy to carry. Preparing just a few treats but doing them well is a great way to save space. Homemade sausage rolls and pasties are an ideal snack. If you don’t have the time to make these yourself, you could pick some up from your local deli/bakery!

  • When preparing your food, plan carefully and strategically. You want to bring enough food to eat, however, taking too much means that you will have to carry it all back, and it is likely that it will be wasted. Be sure to take all your cold food in an icebox/bag. Frozen bottles of water or juice can act as ice packs to keep your food fresh and cold, as well as provide cold, refreshing drinks for the picnic.

  • Don’t forget to take your favourite picnic blanket with you, and also remember bin bags! If you are enjoying a picnic in your local green space, please remember to take your rubbish home with you too!

go for an adventure.

One of my favourite things to do on a sunny summer’s day is to pack up a bag full of munch, lots of water and a warm jumper, and go on a long walk. I love taking lots of fruit with me on these adventure days, as they are easy snacks to have on the go and full of energy and goodness. Take as much water as you are able to carry, as it is so important to stay hydrated when you are out for long walks, especially on super-hot, sunny days.

Everybody has their preferred ways of going for walks, I personally love walking along public footpaths in whichever direction and getting a little bit lost. Of course, it is important that you don’t actually get lost! However, the joys of Google Maps means that you can put in your home address wherever you are and get directions all the way home. Make sure you have lots of charge on your phone when setting out on your walk.

If you’d prefer to, you could also plan a walking route to take beforehand. This means that you could find a nice village pub to stop off at for lunch, it’s always nice to find new places to eat.

Some footpaths take you through fields with animals in it. If this is the case, please remember that you are entering into their territory. Be respectful and mindful to the animals, walk around the outside of their field and don’t be disruptive or make too much noise. Believe me, you do not want to be chased by a herd of cows!

take a trip to the beach.

For some of us that live near the coast, taking a trip to the beach is an easy and simple day out. For others, a beach trip also involves a small road trip too. Whether you live near the sea or not, a day out at the beach is highly recommended.

Not only is a beach trip super fun, it is actually beneficial for your mental wellbeing. According to research, being near the ocean is a relaxant. The sounds of the sea and waves can alter your brain patterns, lulling you into a relaxed state and rejuvenating your mind and body. Be sure to bring your favourite book with you on your trip and see if you manage to get a few moments of doing some quiet, relaxed reading to yourself.

As well as the relaxing elements, a trip to the beach can also encourage physical exercise. Water sports, such as swimming, surfing and bodyboarding, are a great way to get your body and muscles moving. They have amazing benefits for loosening any tight muscles in your upper back and shoulders.

For those of you that aren’t so keen on getting in the water, there are plenty of games to play on the beach too, especially if you’re in a big group of people. When packing for the beach, why not think about taking a football, rounders/cricket set, or even just a frisbee?

How ever you choose to spend your sunny days this summer, there are a few things to remember:

  1. Stay hydrated – Drink lots of water, especially in hot weather.

  2. Remember your sunscreen – Skin care is crucial, read our article on why SPF is important.

  3. Take your rubbish home – If we are going to spend time in nature, we must show it respect.

  4. Think wildlife – Be mindful of the inhabitants that live in the areas you’re visiting.

  5. Warm clothes – I find it helpful to always bring a warm jumper when spending a day outside. After all, this is English summer, so it gets cold quite quicky!

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