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Music is one of the only ways to the human heart’ - Stanislavski

This may be true, but what I do know is that whether you are travelling to work, at the gym or just chilling at home, music plays a part in your everyday life. However, more than 20,000 young people are studying music at degree level every year, myself included. The arts, especially throughout lockdown, have had a lack of funding by the government, and its small artists like myself that are keeping creativity alive.

about me.

I am a third year music student, progressing onto a PGCE next academic year. I sing and play the flute and piano, and with these skills, I enjoy sharing my music with others, currently on social media. I upload videos weekly varying from singing popular songs at the time, musical theatre and any flute pieces that I think might be entertaining for my followers. I know that classical music isn’t everyone's cup of tea, so I like to see myself as a musician who can adapt to her audience and perform (and enjoy!) all genres of music... well within reason, no screamo from me!!


Obviously, Covid-19 has put a stop to live performances in a number of different ways, but I’m hoping 2021 will be much more positive! I would LOVE to start performing freelance, whether that be at a wedding, birthday, party or theatre, be sure to check out my website below to see some of my work and to get in touch. I also have a passion for musical theatre and would love to get more experience in the industry, so please get in touch.


Alongside performing I have a passion for teaching others and hopefully inspiring the next generation of musicians. I have level 4 and 5 music qualifications, and music qualifications including flute, piano and music theory up to grade 8, so if you or your child needs support in an upcoming music exam at school, or would like to take up an instrument that I play, make sure to get in touch with me via my website or my social media pages.


As I have said, I have a huge passion for musical theatre, and of course other genres, so my main focus for 2021 will be compiling and recording an album. Being a student, I will be doing all this myself, the recording, mixing and mastering, down to the artwork and promotion so be sure to keep an eye out for that later this year…!!

Maisie @maisienicolemusic

Website: https://maisienicolemusic.wixsite.com/maisienicolemusic

Insta: @maisienicolemusic

Facebook: @maisienicolemusic

Email: maisienicolemusic@gmail.com

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