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#fullysupporting: Gesture

We all like to know our efforts are appreciated.

At Gesture we feel anyone who gives up time and effort to help others, deserves a little pat on the back. As a nation, we are brilliant at helping one another, be that fundraising for our favourite causes or volunteering time to support charities, community groups or one another. Yet we seem a bit rubbish at acknowledging all that effort.

It all started off the back of a throwaway line. An old school friend decided to ride 350 miles for charity. Given that he didn’t own a bike or wasn’t in the best shape this was no small undertaking. I was really proud of my old mate. He called me just after I had sponsored him via an online giving site and I jokingly said “I wish there was a box I could tick to buy to a pint afterwards!” Well, there should be. Regardless of the final total raised or the number of hours volunteered, there should be a way to acknowledge the effort that goes into helping other people. So that is why we founded Gesture.

Whether you help run a club or society, coach a team, organise study groups, or spontaneously help others, this is all giving up your personal time to benefit someone else. Along with traditional forms of fundraising and charity or community volunteering, Gesture is here to say thank you.

Gesture is a community of local businesses in Bath who offer small treats, or ‘gestures,’ to fundraisers and volunteers as a thank you for their efforts. These gestures are a little extra free item or service such as a free coffee or an extra scoop of something yummy. It’s just a simple way to let people know that their efforts are valued by a wider community than perhaps they realise. It is free to use and the gestures can be accessed via our App (Apple or Android).

In an attempt to create a positive upward cycle we only partner with local independent businesses because we feel it's important to benefit a community more broadly. By introducing good local people to good local businesses we not only look to motivate fundraisers and volunteers to carry on with their acts of kindness but also help keep a few more pounds in the local economy, which benefits everyone.

Gesture is a Bath-based startup founded by Harry and Abbie Long. Harry was a former soldier who had life-changing injuries in 2006. Since then both Abbie and Harry have been involved with veterans charities and have an understanding of the power that fundraisers and volunteers have to change lives for the better. These unseen masses simply deserve a little thanks.

If you’d like to know more about Gesture or think you might like to help us create a recognition scheme please contact hello@gesturegroup.co.uk

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