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different ways to manage your time effectively.

Managing your time effectively can help you to feel grounded, mentally focussed and less stressed or anxious. There are organisation methods to suit everybody, no matter how busy! We’ve collated our favourites for you.

corkboard calendar / fully grown

own a paper calendar.

My life was transformed when I received an Oliver Bonas calendar for Christmas last year. It took a lot of stress off of my shoulders. I had a clear visual on the week ahead by plotting when I was working, when I had university classes and when I had freetime for my hobbies. Using a calendar in this way can reduce potential anxiety and stress and enable you to clearly lay out your time, as well as ensuring downtime is available.

Check out this Paperchase affordable desktop calendar.

For those of you who spend a lot of time on the move, a great alternative is a Google Calendar. You can colour code time slots and create multiple calendars for different areas of your life such as study and personal time. Additionally, you can also get notification reminders that can be categorised by urgency.


I love a list, and Pinterest is full of templates that can help you to feel more organised. If you love lists as much as we do then there are plenty of unique ones just for you!

  1. Daily to-do

  2. Weekly to-do

  3. Goals

  4. Shopping

  5. Budget

  6. Meal planning

  7. Emails to send

  8. Cleaning

  9. Birthdays

  10. Usernames and passwords

  11. Recipe

An eco-friendly alternative is to utilise reminders on your phone. They have a colour-coded list section that allows you to add reminders that, like Google Calendars, will send notifications to your phone.

brain dumping (for when you’re overwhelmed.)

Decluttering your brain and freeing up mental energy is important and a ‘brain dump’ allows you to do exactly that. Begin by taking all of your ideas, tasks, thoughts and worries and dumping them onto paper in an organised manner, by using any of the three following methods.

1. the ‘top three, easy 3, next 3’ method.

The top 3 method gets you to write down all of your tasks in a long list, then categorise them by picking three that need doing urgently, three that can be done easily and three that can wait until later. This way you can target tasks and get important ones out of the way.

2. energy level brain dump.

This is perfect for tailoring to your mood. You can categorise tasks by low to high energy and include tasks that you want to do for fun or personal interest.

3. the priority brain dump.

This is a colour-coded system, organised from low priority (green) to high priority (red) that can be visually organised by gridded Post-it notes displayed on a wall of your choice. You can then remove Post-it notes as your complete tasks.

goal tracking with bullet journals.

Bullet journals have become increasingly popular after a rise in satisfying journaling TikTok videos. Bullet journals consist of logging daily to-dos, dates, notes, and mental health, plus anything you may want to include such as both short and long-term goals. Although more time consuming than a calendar, it promotes routine and could revitalise your mental health. You can get free templates on Pinterest or get this basic one from Paperchase to get you started!

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