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dealing with change.

Whether you’re adjusting to life outside of the COVID crisis or going back to work after a year of interacting through Zoom. We’re all dealing with change one way or another.

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As our lives consistently evolve, it’s challenging to keep up with everything at once. Still, change is a universal constant, and you must remember that you aren’t alone. The change varies depending on the situation. Whatever it may be, it’s essential you know how to effectively deal with any change you’re faced with.


The most crucial step in undergoing any sort of change is acknowledgment.

Regardless of the circumstances, you shouldn’t ignore what change is occurring, as it can only make things worse in the long run. For example, if you’re moving house and leave everything to the last minute, it can cause more stress for you. But if you learn to tackle things head-on, rather than burying your head in the sand, it will prepare you for any surprises that follow.

Another aspect to understand when acknowledging change is that you must allow yourself to have the time to feel any emotions that may arise, anything from excitement to anxiety. Taking some time for yourself to recognise possible negative or overbearing feelings is crucial. Once this is over, you can begin to move forward and plan your next steps.

letting go.

It can be tough to let go of responsibility, especially when accepting that you cannot be in control of everything that happens.

The biggest wake-up call of 2020 hit us all hard in this regard. However, there was a positive side – we realised that although we may not control everything around us, we can control the things in front of us.

A popular coping mechanism for dealing with change is maintaining the control you already have. Instead of focussing on the things that are spiralling, focus on what you can do to take back some of the power. For example, if no longer wearing face coverings in shops frightens you, you can still choose to wear yours, or if the opposite applies and you want to keep yours off, do it. Do what feels right for you.

To some people, letting go may seem like an impossible task, but finding small coping ways tailored to your life can help ease anxious thoughts. Sometimes the best changes that happen to us are the ones that we cannot control.


What’s the point in having friends if you can’t lean on them every once in a while?

The support system you have around you is one of the best tools to use when the change in your life is becoming too much. You could be going for a job interview or leaving your house for the first time in a while. Whatever the activity, a little encouragement from your friends and family can go a long way.

It’s no secret that change can be a scary thing. Particularly if you’re going through it alone, having people there by your side to make the journey easier is an effective way to help. There’s no need to feel like you’re a burden to anyone, as one day the favour will be reciprocated, and you will be needed by a friend.


No matter the situation, maintaining a positive mindset is vital. However, this is easier said than done.

Remaining positive can be successful when you focus on the end result. Assess your goals and understand that these can only happen when change occurs. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel can allow you to feel more positive about upcoming reworking in your life.

Know that there will eventually be an end to this change. Although that might not be exactly when you want it to be, you must remember that it all leads to something better. Like anything, keeping a positive frame of mind is something that needs to be practised. Don’t pressure yourself into acting pragmatically immediately; our emotions fluctuate at a rapid rate. It’s all about taking time to adjust.

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