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council tax, what is it, and do I have to pay?

Updated: Feb 23

what is council tax?

Council tax is a fee applied to households across the UK each year that pays for local services like bin collections and libraries. How much you pay depends on your personal circumstances such as education, age, and household make-up, as well as the council in your area and which valuation band your property is in.

who is eligible?

You will have to start paying council tax if you are over 18 and renting or owning your own home.

who is exempt?

If you are in full-time education, on certain apprenticeship schemes, or a live-in carer you do not have to pay.

A 25% discount applies if you live alone or your other households members are not classed as an adult.

A 50% discount applies if you live alone and are not classed as an adult.

how do I register as exempt?

To contact the council directly to apply for a reduction or discount then visit their website:



If you are a university student, the university may guide you through this process. However, if not, the council may request confirmation from the education body that you are a full-time student. To prove this you will need to request a 'Student Status Letter' from the university which you can then forward to the council.

I've already received a bill but I think I'm exempt, what do I do?

If you've been sent a bill, don't panic, you can quickly and easily appeal your bill. If you can prove you are eligible, your bill will be removed.

Go to https://www.gov.uk/browse/housing-local-services/council-tax for further information and contact forms.

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