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coping with homesickness.

Moving away from the comfort of your own home, the safety of your family and the familiarity of your social circle and local area is a daunting experience.

It’s totally normal to feel homesick and those around you are probably feel the same way. Although it’s good to miss home, it’s important it doesn’t dampen your mood or add negativity to your university experience. Here are some ways you can reduce feelings of homesickness.

explore your area.

Unless you went to a university down the road, chances are you’ll be in an unfamiliar area with no sights to explore and places to visit. The good thing about starting university is the amount of free time you have before lessons start. Look up the area and find some things to do or places to walk, make a day of it with your new friends.

talk to those around you.

Your housemates are likely to miss their home friends and family too so use them for support. Share funny stories and memorable moments to lighten the mood!

keep in contact with friends and family from home.

Stay in touch with those from home but make sure you aren’t excessively calling as this won’t help the homesickness. Update them on all the fun things you’ve been doing rather than telling them how much you miss them.

get your family and friends to visit you.

Instead of returning home, invite your close ones to see you and establish your university home as your new base. Memories created at University will make your time there easier rather than pining for those back home.

bring happy memory objects.

Decorate your room with memories of home so you have them close to you! Your university room will likely have a pinboard or corkboard where you can hang up photographs and a windowsill or shelf for memorabilia and framed photos. Make sure you leave room for your new memories.

keep busy.

Join societies, clubs, get a hobby, exercise, anything to fill your time. The busier you are, the less you’ll miss home. It also gives you more to talk about when you catch up with friends and family.

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