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Christmas on a budget.

It has come to that magical time of the year; Christmas, celebrating with loved ones and gifting a present or two, but it can also be the most stressful time of the year for many people.

Giving presents is a big part of Christmas but you may feel like you aren’t financially able to, but here is how you can gift without breaking the bank.

handmade gifts.

When it comes to making gifts, you instantly think of knitting something or getting out the pens and paper and hand crafting something, but it doesn’t always have to be that obvious.

There are so many things you can make, whether it’s making some chocolate truffles or creating a candle of their favourite scents, sometimes the best gifts are the ones with a lot of love and thought behind them. Head to TikTok to find so many Christmas DIY presents.

save up your points.

A great way to buy gifts during the Christmas period is saving up all of your loyalty points from Boots, Sainsburys or whatever shop you have a loyalty card with. Save up your points throughout the year, taking note of the special bonus point periods et voila, you’ve got some extra cash to splash.

hit the sales.

If you’re not seeing certain family members on Christmas day, head out on boxing day and get your hands on some bargains in the sales. So many stores participate in the boxing day sales that you’d be missing out if you don’t get in on them. Stores like Lush, Amazon and many clothing stores participate in these sales for a one off discount every year. Failing that, always take advantage of the ever growing “holiday” of black Friday. This is a great way to buy more for your money and get excited about the season of giving.

charity shops are your best friend.

Charity shops can hold so many hidden gems, if you look hard enough. This time of year also means that many people will be donating so many items to make way for their new Christmas presents. Not only can you get great bargains for Christmas, your also giving back and donating your money to great causes, helping so many other people throughout the Christmas period too. Between me and you, the charity shops in the more affluent areas are usually where I find my hidden gems.

plan ahead for travel.

For many students, travelling home for Christmas can add so much unnecessary pressure on your banks and in terms of work commitments. Plan ahead of time to avoid the extra festive costs. Keep tabs on how much it would be to travel home and always look at alternative modes of transport. Use websites like Skyscanner, trainline and National express to ensure you get the best price but always remember to go incognito mode so it doesn’t up or change the price of your fares. Don’t forget to ok everything with your managers ahead of time so you’re not rushing home during the festive period.

Here’s to a very festive Christmas from all of us here at fully grown, and a money saving one at that.

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