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how to cope being alone at Christmas.

Christmas is traditionally a time spent with family and loved ones. Christmas themed films show family coming together and strangers becoming lovers in a matter of days, but more often than not, this reflects a fantasy rather than a reality. Nobody touches on the other side, those of us that have to spend Christmas alone.

Although being alone can feel lonely, you must remember that there are others in your position too, and so really, you aren’t alone. The team at fully grown are here and being alone at Christmas, although hard, doesn’t have to be so bad.

plan a special day for yourself.

Perhaps you are alone at Christmas because of lost loved ones, work commitments or social isolation, but it is still your Christmas holiday and it matters that you make it special for your own pleasure. There are activities that can be done to get involved in the festivities such as baking a gingerbread house, making a hot chocolate tower of whipped cream and marshmallows, or driving around your local area to spot colourfully decorated homes. Or you could, depending on what tier your local area is, volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

Particularly this year, you may find that some of your neighbours are also spending Christmas day on their own. Why not lift both yours and their spirits by dropping off some baked goods? Or simply calling in for a cup of tea?

stay in touch via digital means and social media.

Despite social media and the time we spend on it being a little controversial at times, the 2020 health emergency showed us just how much we relied on tech and Zoom calls to stay in touch with our loved ones and friends. It’s important, particularly around this time, to make time for online friends and others through existing social media accounts and video calling apps. Don’t be afraid to plan a couple of virtual movie nights or baking socials.

take extra care of your mental wellbeing.

Christmas can be tough for many for a myriad of reasons and that is why being extra vigilant of your mental wellbeing needs is crucial. Take time to do the things you love and monitor how you are feeling through a mood tracker or bullet journal such as ‘Beautiful Mood’ and ‘Day One’. Take time to see how you are feeling, what you are thinking and how you can take care of yourself. Don’t get so caught up checking up on others that you forget to tend to your own wellbeing care.

keep up-to-date with your local area’s tier and restrictions.

Any news regarding lockdown and COVID-19 is preferably avoided as we edge closer to Christmas, nothing quite dampens the spirit like a bunch of statistics and warnings. But, if you are able to and want to visit a friend or family’s household for Christmas, ensure you are kept thoroughly informed on your local area’s tier and restrictions and plan around this.

unbottle those feelings.

You may be feeling content with spending Christmas Day alone, or you may be disheartened - both are completely normal. What’s important is that you don’t bottle up how you are feeling if you are missing family and friends. Christmas may be inescapable with sombre TV advertisements, seasonal aisles in supermarkets and Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ on repeat on the radio, but it’s okay to acknowledge that it may be a tricky time for you. It’s not necessarily a time of happiness for every person in the world, some aren’t a fan or some just don’t particularly enjoy it, so don’t beat yourself up for feeling how you feel and under no circumstances, bottle up your emotions. Let it out, talk it out, pour it all out, get it out!

get outside when you can.

Nothing clears the mind better than moving our bodies out amongst nature whilst soaking up some Vitamin D. Although the UK weather is mostly unpredictable, wrap up warm (and make sure you have waterproofs!) and go outside for as long or as little as you like. A breath of fresh air really works wonders.

The key takeaway here is that you need to look after yourself. 2020 has been a challenging year, but maybe 2021 has better things to offer!


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