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'American Rapture' by Jordan Claire McCraw

a must read for every feminist, a healer for broken hearts and a pinch of relatability for all.

Jordan Claire McCraw takes us on a journey of healing, relationships and mostly relatability in her collection of poetry titled ‘American Rapture’. McCraw releases this book of home truths at a time where scandals involving sexual misconduct continue to be revealed in news headlines and the gender pay gap persists in many corporations and businesses. We (in the words of Lizzo) are tired of the bulls**t and this book is the powerful resource you never knew you needed to communicate this frustration.

I’ve picked up many books in my time, in fact I pride myself on being a bookworm, but this one resonated with me in many ways more than one. Tales of heartache opened up wounds of the past and words of frustration struck a hunger in my belly, a strong desire for more, for real change, real progress in the world as a woman and more. And McCraw really does strike that strong motive in you, the get-up-and-go that is often lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. She says the things we are all thinking but are too afraid to say -

“When I hear a song, I panic

I turn you off

You are every song

I miss music

- as well as displaying her humour throughout -

“You gently tug my bra

I turn the other way

I only want to grow

My resumé

Money moves

She’s brutal, honest and hilarious - the perfect combination for any young woman aspiring for greatness as well as a friend to guide them along the way. The American poet speaks truthfully about her experiences as an immigrant, her journey to “assimilate into a deeply traditional culture where my worth was equated to my conformity”, as stated on her website, and the birth of her son. As we close the chapter on a challenging year, McCraw’s ‘American Rapture’ provides comfort in the form of verses. She provides that sense of relief that it’s okay. It’s okay to feel certain ways about certain experiences or situations. Her approach is completely humane and is the breath of fresh air we all needed.

'American Rapture' by Jordan Claire McCraw is available on Amazon now.


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