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a very 2020 Christmas (and how you can adapt).

2020 has undoubtedly been a year that no one could have predicted, and now December is here, and government guidelines are in place, Christmas this year is set to be very different to previous years. We understand this year has brought a lot of anxiety and stress to people, so we want to help you out with the best ways you can adapt to these unusual differences.

xmas shopping.

Doing your Christmas shopping online this year may be the best option. By reducing the amount of contact you have between yourself and others, you keep yourself, and your family, safe. Also by starting your Christmas shopping early you will avoid the stress of last-minute gift buying when most of the good gifts have sold out. It can also be cost-effective to get in there before some retailers and independent sellers raise their prices as Christmas draws nearer.

getting tested.

If you're like me and you’re a university student, from November 30th, the government began providing test kits to university students so they can be sure they are free of Covid-19 before returning home to try to limit the spread of the virus. If you are currently at university, the test is easy, quick, and free to do and will reassure you that you aren’t at risk of infecting loved ones at home. To check if your university is taking part in the government-led scheme, look at your institution’s website or contact them to find out more.

spending time with family.

If by Christmas day, the rule of six is still in place then larger families won’t be seeing many of their loved ones this year. In England, three households will be able to meet indoors between December 23 and 27, but the Scottish Government has set a cap of eight people over 12 years old for Christmas gatherings.

Everyone has different relationships with their family, and whether you get along well with your family or not, the lockdown has meant we’ve either all had to spend more time than usual with each other - with little alone time - or you haven’t been able to see them at all.

In order to have the happiest Christmas you can try not to see this time as being forced together, but instead see it as an opportunity as a time to celebrate with family or closest loved ones; this has been a challenging year for everyone so Christmas is a good time to come together.

Things aren’t all bad though, there’s the promising arrival of a vaccine, which means life should go back to some form of normality soon. This year has thrown several hurdles at us that we have had to adapt to and overcome, such as the change to online lessons in universities and colleges, or maybe you have been separated from your friends or family for long periods of time.

Christmas is just another one of those hurdles that we will have to adapt to, but despite all the changes we will have to make this year, we can still have a fun time and enjoy the celebrations, but just for now, you may have to put any bigger festive plans on ice.

Ella Winbolt

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