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a hangover... what's that?

Whether you're drowning your sorrows, lifting your spirits or becoming the life of the party, alcohol will probably be at the centre of the fun. But you don't want to wake up in 2021 with a throbbing headache, uneasy stomach and confusion over the night's events. Use our tips and tricks to ensure you can avoid a hangover, or to quickly get rid of one.

before drinking.

Line your stomach: make sure you eat something substantial. Carbohydrates will be your best friend (the diet can start in January). Have a plate with pasta, rice or potatoes. Or all three. These will help slow down your body's alcohol absorption.

Drink a lot of water: don't rely on alcohol to quench your thirst. Make sure you have some water before drinking as well as during if possible. Have a pint of water before you go to sleep with some more ready for when you, inevitably, wakeup with a dry mouth, you'll thank your drunk self.

during drinking.

Avoid fizzy drinks: carbonated drinks have been shown to speed up alcohol absorption. But if a vodka and coke is your favourite, just make sure you follow it up with some water or you've eaten plenty at the start of the night.

Stick to one drink: It's easy to try bits of what everyone else is having but sticking to one type of drink enables you to keep track of how many you've had and lowers your risk of going overboard.

when you wake up.

Keep drinking (water): water will be your best friend, keep it near and keep it dear,

Take painkillers: if you didn't listen to any of the above advice and your head is pounding a mile a minute, then take some painkillers to ease it.

Avoid caffeine: your body needs to rehydrate in the morning but caffeine works against this.

Drink fruit juice: research shows fruit juice restores your blood sugar levels and can help reduce the alcohol still lingering in your system.

Eat something: avoid sugary foods. Eat something like eggs, bananas, bread - something neutral.

Get some fresh air: probably the last thing you want to do but fresh air always does you good. Whack on some sunglasses, wrap up warm and get moving (slowly).

The most important part is to make sure you pace yourself and don't drink more than your body can handle. Have fun but stay safe.

Happy New Years!


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