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teaching young people valuable information.



helping young people navigate adulthood.



instil confidence in young people to live independently.



motivate young people to achieve their full potential.


our story.

When I began University in 2018, I was shocked at the different life stages everyone was at no matter how similar in age. At 20, I was slightly older than those in my 10-person halls of residence yet I felt 50. My single-parent upbringing and my gap year spent working two jobs to pay rent had thrust me into an independent lifestyle that others were not accustomed to. I watched as my flatmates struggled cooking meals that I'd been making since I was 13, I cringed as they spent their money frivolously and then complained when they had mere pounds left over; and I questioned how dependant they seemed to be when tasks such as laundry, making the bed, using public transport and paying rent seemed so daunting to them, but second nature to me.

Eventually, after reaching my 3rd year of University, I realised that their lack of knowledge on these life skills was not ignorance, nor stupidity, but because they simply hadn't been taught them, or how important they are.

For me, cooking meant I ate, laundry and ironing meant I had clothes to wear and handling my finances meant I had a roof over my head and a comfortable life. But those who weren't taught these practices were at a disadvantage when starting university or leaving home where you were out of the care of your parents or guardians.

Reaching this critical age is hard enough with the pressures of deciding your future but now you have to navigate everyday tasks, relying on FaceTiming your family or Googling the solution.

I have encountered numerous blogs and articles, all with the Buzzfeed-style of dizzying lists detailing a multitude of "life skills you need to know before you turn 20" or "things I wish I was taught before I left home." But nothing collated all of this information into one publication.

Until fully grown.

Hannah-Louise Shergold

Founder & Managing Director